What's Up With You?

Families are beautiful and intricate things.  Since we are all human, our families are never perfect, and neither are we.  Depression, anxiety, anger, attention difficulties, loss, illness, divorce, insecurities, electronic overload, and  addictions... these are some of the things that affect adults, adolescents, children and families every day.  You are not the only one, and getting support as you navigate whatever is up with you is definitely a good idea.

For teens in particular, it may be difficult to express exactly what you're going through. Things just feel bad. Whatever "it" is, some other teens out there are going through "it" too.  The following site, called Teens Health, is a good resource for everything from anxiety to ah...zits.  It has information on difficulties you may be experiencing. It also has fun ideas on how to spend your free time.  

Parents, as always, I encourage you to check out this web site too.  It might even provide some good conversation starters or activities to do with your teens.